=AQW= How to do the quest “Need for Speed (Reading)” at NecroTower (DoomWoodSaga)

Posted on July 27, 2011 Comments

This video will show you how to do the Quest “Need For Speed (Reading)” at /join Necrotower. (DoomWood Saga) Sorry if this isn’t working for you. The quest is quite glitchy, sometimes it’s? hard to get it to work. Logging out then back in to refresh the quest, helps. How to do the MiniGame at NecroTower: www.youtube.com Song: “Savior” By: Rise Against Minecraft Beta Server IP: server.haxcraft.tk:25635 ***LINKS*** Follow me on Twitter :D twitter.com Add me on Facebook :D www.facebook.com Add me on MSN :D cid-7558600312590a80.profile.live.com Sub to my other channel :D www.youtube.com Follow the AQWBros on Twitter :D twitter.com
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